6 Coffee Alternatives You Just Might Love

by Kendall Scott, CHHCcoffee

Coffee is a common morning beverage, and many of us use it to wake up and may even feel that we can’t function until we get our cup o’ Joe.

For many years, I was a big coffee drinker: I needed it in the morning to wake myself up and I continued drinking it through out the day. It was my go-to choice in the afternoon when I needed to get myself out of that common mid-afternoon slump. I enjoyed my coffee and I had no reason to stop drinking it.

Then I received a cancer diagnosis and what followed was major surgery and chemo. This is when my coffee habit just stopped. After surgery, I was on pain medications and had to sleep a lot anyway, so I didn’t bother with the coffee. During chemotherapy, I also slept a lot and coffee made me feel nauseous.

I started drinking herbal tea in the morning, on a regular basis. After I completed cancer treatment, I would have a cup of coffee on the weekends, and I realized that on Monday morning when I would go back to my tea, I would get a terrible headache! Caffeine withdrawal!

I realized that I felt so much better when I stayed off coffee. Once I had adjusted to not getting my morning cup (or 4!) o’ Joe, I actually felt plenty of energy without and didn’t crash later, only to need more coffee to get going again.

It’s been almost four years since I finished cancer treatment. These days I stick mostly with herbal tea, but I also have a baby, and some days I just “need” my coffee. I also love going to a cafe with a friend and sipping a latte in the winter. There’s just something so comforting about that to me. When I do have a cup of coffee, it’s small and I do try to include other drinks, like Yerba Mate or naturally caffeinated teas instead of coffee at times. I also juice, and that alone is a big pick-me-up in the morning!

One factor to consider in drinking your coffee is what else is going in it? Sweeteners? Chemicalized sweeteners? Milk, heavy cream? Not only can these add calories devoid of nutrients, but they can also be harmful to the body in other ways.

If you’re a coffee drinker, don’t fret. We’re not going to tell you to stop your naughty little caffeine habit. We get it. But DO be aware of how it affects your body, and consider trying an alternative at times. You may find that you feel a whole lot better drinking something else!

Some morning beverages to try:

  1. Yerba Mate – made from the naturally caffeinated leaves of the celebrated South American rainforest holly tree
  2. Green Tea – naturally caffeinated (although less than coffee) and has been shown to protect against the growth of cancers
  3. Black Tea – generally contains more caffeine than green tea and has a stronger flavor
  4. Pero – contains no caffeine, but has a coffee-like taste, made from malted barley, chicory and rye
  5. Herbal Tea – no caffeine, but offer a range of health benefits, and may be just the thing to support your morning hot beverage habit. We love Traditional Medicinal teas!
  6. Raw Juicing – this is quite different from drinking a hot cup of coffee, BUT the health benefits are huge and it provides as more or more of a pick-me-up as coffee does for many people, without feeling the “low” later.