Community Kitchen Project Needs Your Support!


We love supporting local projects that work to educate community and schools in cooking, whole foods, gardening and sustainability. The group in the video below (FARMS – Focus on Agriculture in Rural Maine Schools) is raising money to build a community kitchen to offer exactly this type of support in Kendall’s home state, Maine (in the beautiful coastal town of Damariscotta). If you or someone you know lives in or is connected to Maine, you may want to help support their efforts and share this link (this project will only be funded if they raise enough money by this Sunday, June 2nd! Watch the video below to learn more.

There are so many wonderful organizations and projects like this one. If this type of work is something you are passionate about, check in your area to find out who you can support financially or with your time.

FARMS photo


Recipe Page


We have added a new Recipe Page to our website:! It’s not quite as pretty or complete as we would like, but it’s the beginning of a collection of recipes we love – some from our book, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, some we’ve made that aren’t in the book, and a few from our favorite school, Integrative Nutrition.

If you are looking for an healthy “upgrade” to a favorite recipe, let us know! We just may see what we can whip up and then share it on our Recipe Page. Or, if you have a recipe of your own that uses plant-based whole foods, feel free to email us and we may share it on our page as well (giving you a big shout out, of course)!