Happy Birthday Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen!

A and K Toasting with Joyce

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen!!! One year ago today our book was published, and since then we have had such an amazing response and huge buzz about KCITK. We’ve met so many wonderful people who have shared their stories, supported us and allowed us to support them. Today we want to say thank you to all of you and have some fun stuff in-store. Check it out below!


** Facebook Giveaway (Oct 2-4)! Visit our Facebook Giveaway page and read the instructions there to enter to win a big bunch of goodies, including our book, two other books (Helping to Heal and Square Foot Gardening), healthy treats, sea veggies, up-cycled bejeweled kitchen utensils and more!


Girlfriend's Cookbook& Guide: Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen ** A special gift when you purchase a copy of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen Wednesday and Thursday ONLY (October 2nd  and 3rd)! You will receive our 7 Day Juicing Challenge ($69 value) complete with juicing and whole food recipes, detox audio class, and grocery list. You will ALSO be entered to win a FREE one-hour coaching call with Kendall or Annette!

Already have a copy of KCITK? Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen makes a perfect gift for someone facing cancer or anyone trying to eat and live more healthfully! 

—->>>Here’s what you do:

  1. Purchase your copy of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any local bookstore on October 2nd and 3rd.
  2. Come back here and enter your information, including receipt number, in the form below.
  3. You will be sent a confirmation email. Follow the instructions to confirm and you will be sent your 7 Day Juicing Challenge!
  4. Be sure to add support@kickingcancerinthekitchen.com to your contacts or check your Junk Mail so you don’t miss it! Your name will also be entered in a random drawing for a FREE coaching call with Kendall or Annette. The winner will be notified by email on Friday October 4th! (THIS HAS ENDED.)

**All rules subject to change. One winner will be randomly chosen for the coaching call with either Annette or Kendall. Winner will not be able to choose their coach – depends on availability.

Why Do You Love YOU Giveaway




Congratulations Cindy!You’ll receive the Chocolate eBooklet ALONG WITH a Chocolate Starter Kit!

And because we were so inspired by EVERYONE who participated in this contest, we are gifting each person who left a Why I LOVE Me comment on our blog with a copy of the Chocolate eBooklet as well!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to help spread the love with a little giveaway! And because we know how hard it can be to love ourselves, imperfections and all, we want to to know what makes YOU so amazing. Because, guess what? You are!

Do you think you can take off the critical, judgmental glasses that we all seem to wear too often, and put on the I-am-amazing-beautiful-smart glasses? Can you talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend? What would you say?

This kind of self-love talk and thinking can take some practice, and we want to help you do just that! Comment below, telling us one thing that makes you special/beautiful/amazing/fabulous/sexy/incredible. We want to know: Why do you love YOU? Finish this sentence: ” I love myself because _______.”

We’ll even help you get started! Here are some ways we bet you’re amazing!

“I love myself because I am an amazing cook!”

“I love myself because I am a hard working, caring mother.”

“I love myself because I am kind, considerate and a good friend.”

We will be picking one amazing person to win our Chocolate eRecipe chocolate bark smallbooklet, Skip ‘n Go Chocolate, and your very own Getting Started Chocolate Kit! You’ll be able to start making your very own health-promoting, energy-boosting, cancer-kicking chocolate in no time!

Hurry! This Giveaway ends on Valentine’s Day, Thursday February 14th at 11:59pm ET.

Giveaway Time!

Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen book

How would you like to win a copy of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen for a friend AND access to our 7-Day Juicing Jumpstart Challenge virtual program for you?

Here’s How:

STEP #1) If you’ve read our book, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, simply post your review on Amazon HERE. Scroll down until you see the “Write a customer review” button underneath other consumer reviews.

STEP #2) Copy and paste that same review into the comments on our Facebook page HERE.

That’s it! Follow those two steps and you will be entered in our random drawing. All reviews must be submitted by Friday, January 18th at 10pm EST. We will randomly select TWO winners, and each person will get a signed copy of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen mailed to a friend AND access to our 7-Day Juicing Jumpstart Challenge program! Our 2 winners will be notified by email and announced on our Facebook page.

—————– FAQs —————

Q: I haven’t read the book. Can I still participate?

A: Probably not, since you need to have read the book (or at least some of it) to be able to write a proper review.

Q: I’ve already posted a review a while ago, can I participate?

A: Yes! Just be sure your review is visible on Amazon and copy and paste it into the comments on our Facebook page.

Q: If I post a great review, will that increase my chances of winning? 

A: No, sorry. We want you to be honest in your review (we’ll take the good, bad and the ugly – but hopefully it’s mostly good!). How you rate/review our book has no influence. Names will be randomly drawn.

Q: How many winners will there be, and what do they win?

A: Two names will be drawn, and each winner can tell us where they would like the copy of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen mailed. The winners will also receive an email with the link to our Juicing Insider Page to begin the juicing challenge at his/her convenience.

Q: If I win, can I have the copy of your book, instead of a friend AND the 7-Day Juicing Jumpstart Challenge?

A: Sure. We’d love for you to share the copy with someone else, but we will mail it wherever you would like.

Q: What is the 7-Day Juicing Jumpstart Challenge?

A: It’s our online program that gets you into juicing! Learn about it here.

Please email support (at) kickingcancerinthekitchen (dot) com with any additional questions about this giveaway.