It’s Ok to Eat Chocolate and Cry Workshop Was Pretty Sweet!

“Crying is the healing part. The hurting has already happened.”

This was Cancer Counselor, Dawn Stratton’s comment during her presentation on the benefits of  allowing yourself to cry.

Last Saturday, The Kicking Kitchen’s, Kendall Scott, and friend and Cancer Counselor, Dawn Stratton of Awakening Counseling in Portland, Maine held a workshop at the Cancer Community Center in South Portland, Maine. The workshop, “It’s Ok to Eat Chocolate and Cry” was well-attended by people affected by cancer in the local community.

Guests watched as Kendall demonstrated how to make raw, unprocessed health-promoting chocolate and explained how it supports our health, unlike much of the chocolate available to us today. Dawn held a lively discussion (don’t worry – no one cried!) on why it’s ok, healthy and empowering to allow yourself the time to cry. The class ended with some sampling of Kendall’s decadent raw chocolate, which received rave reviews!

Some feedback on Dawn and Kendall’s class included:

“I am a crier – [this class] helped confirm that it’s ok.”

“I loved the chocolate.”

“I feel relief – going through a deep grief…and need to cry and it’s ok.”

“The talks were wonderful!”

“I liked the chocolate and learning more about cacao and how to make it at home.”

The concept for this class came from a discussion Dawn and Kendall held several years ago – that we shouldn’t feel guilty when enjoying a sweet treat sometimes, just like we shouldn’t feel badly about feeling sad or having a good cry. And if you are able to make your own raw chocolate, then eating chocolate and crying are both healing and health-supportive. The concept is also discussed in Kendall and coauthor, Annette Ramke’s book, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen. Chapter 8 in their book is “It’s Ok to Eat Chcolate and Cry.”

Be sure to look for workshops with Kendall and Dawn at the Cancer Community Center. And if you’d like to try out some decadent raw chocolate recipes, see Kendall’s eBooklet, Skip ‘n Go Chocolate.