Celebrating a Beautiful Life: Annette Ramke


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Today I am sharing devastating news I never thought I would need to share. My beautiful friend and coauthor of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, Annette Ramke, passed peacefully in her home several days ago, after facing a recurrence for metastatic ovarian cancer.


The words continue to escape me in trying to describe just how special Annette was to so many people, personally and professionally – family, friends, colleagues, her local community, readers. Her uplifting spirit, kindness, determination, humor, radiance, passion in life, and thoughtfulness are just a few of the reasons why I and others loved Annette. I am honored to have been able to call her my friend and find it so very special that we were able to work together in a way that only strengthened our friendship. A mutual friend recently commented that we worked “heart to heart.” This couldn’t be more true. spark quote


In the midst of grief, I, along with others who knew Annette well, are also celebrating the life of an amazing woman who was able to light the darkness with a smile, a hug, or a few kinds words. Someone who made good days even better with her laughter. Someone who somehow made every person with whom she connected, feel loved and important.


I hope you will join me in wishing peace, healing and strength to Annette’s family, who I know are feeling this tremendous loss deep in their hearts. Thank you to all of you who have offered so many well wishes and prayers.


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Green Juicing


Join Annette in her kitchen as she shares her favorite, go-to Green Juice with you.