Praise for Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen:

Christiane Northrup, MD

“A beautiful, delicious, and effective way to improve your health at any time—whether or not you have cancer or any disease. In fact, I recommend that all follow this sort of diet for optimal health!”

Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause



Dr. Mark Hyman

“An essential guide to using food as medicine and creating an inhospitable environment for cancer, while delighting your palette and invigorating your senses. Getting well has never been more fun or tasty!”

Mark Hyman, MD, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution


“Invaluable. . .the advice is sound, simple, easy-to-follow. I only wish I had this book when I was sick . . .how much easier my journey back to health would have been.”

Christina Pirello, host of Christina Cooks and bestselling author of Cooking the Whole Foods Way



Joshua Rosenthal

“Encourages people to get in their kitchens and experience the healing power of good nutrition. I applaud Kendall and Annette for turning their diagnosis into an opportunity to teach others how to eat and live well.”

Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


“As cancer survivors themselves, Annette and Kendall will educate you about your dietary choices, empower to make step-by-step changes to eat a healthier diet, and entertain you with their wit and charm.”

Beth Baughman DuPree MD, FACS, breast cancer surgeon and author of The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing

“Whether you are a cancer survivor, previvor or someone looking to instill healthy eating habits into your daily life, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen provides simple, delicious recipes and empowering information that can make a difference in your health and quality of life. The authors bring both their professional and personal experiences to the table. The result is a fun and informative book. ”

Sue Friedman, DVM, Founder and Executive Director of FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

“Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen offers, in one engaging and comprehensive package, what others don’t – first-hand experience, nutritional know-how, girlfriend-style support and tasty recipes – all designed to help kick cancer or keep you healthy. A healthy diet is an integral part of healing and fighting disease, and Annette and Kendall join you, step-by-step, and empower you to discover how easy and delicious eating well can be – starting with your very next meal!

Dr. Steven G. Eisenberg, Co-founder of California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence and author of Dancing With The Doctor (2013)

“Fun, friendly, and inclusive . . . the recipes would be yummy even if they weren’t health-promoting, and maybe life-saving.”

Victoria Moran, author of Fit from Within

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***Testimonials from Clients of Annette and Kendall’s Health Coaching Programs:

“Working with Kendall has been a great experience for me. She helped me  to view food in a completely different way and also to really look at  what I ate and how it made me feel. Within the first couple weeks I had  more energy, lost 7 pounds and just felt better overall. The ability  to meet over the phone and Kendall’s flexibility made it very easy for  me. Kendall was a great listener and her encouragement made it easy for  me to meet my health goals. Thank you so much for everything Kendall! –Lindsay N.

“I now eat enough food to keep my energy level up all day. I crave  sweets only rarely. I lost about 10 pounds and have stayed at a very  healthy weight.” When I signed up with Kendall, I felt like I was in good shape. I exercised, had a busy schedule and felt like I did a good job eating the right things and the right amounts. I figured she would just tell me that I was doing a good job and to keep it up.

But I was wrong. Our first session was just an informal interview. She asked what I ate and I told her. But then she started asking very smart, insightful questions that helped me realize that I did want to change some things about the way I ate. For example, having such a busy schedule made me dread fixing meals. I realized I was just eating whatever was around when I got really busy. I also realized that I was craving sweet things more than once a day. I told her finally that I wanted ‘healthy and easy.’  If I could save time and eat healthy, that would be the best of both worlds. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really think it was possible.

But I was wrong again. I am very happy with the suggestions that Kendall gave me. I now eat enough food to keep my energy level up all day. I crave sweets only rarely. I lost about 10 pounds and have stayed at a very healthy weight. In fact people have complimented me recently on “always staying thin.” And the best part is that it is easy. I prepare simple meals ahead of time so that I can just heat them up. Kendall suggested that I eat a whole food bar between lunch and dinner, and that has been a big factor in keeping my energy levels steady.

As a bonus, things that I didn’t even notice were an issue have improved. There were weird things going on with my digestive system that I just chalked up to age, but in fact, Kendall’s plan has all but erased those symptoms as well. 

I have recommended Kendall’s service frequently and will continue to do so.”

–N.P., New Sharon, Maine

“Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new way of eating! I’ve never been big on fruits and vegetables, but you were able to help me incorporate them into my diet in a way that works…Your support and easy going manner on my busiest, grumpiest days was also greatly appreciated. No matter how I was feeling when I started our phone consultations, I always felt much better by the end.” –Tammy C., Portland, Maine

“My energy level has increased, my weight decreased…I’ve worked with Kendall the last few months and she has been a wonderful guide & teacher. I’ve been able to slowly make modifications to my diet, increase my knowledge about nutrition and truly see the benefits of my effort. My energy level has increased, my weight decreased, and I’ve transitioned from viewing food as a means to end hunger to using it as a tool to combat stress and fuel my day. I’m exceedingly grateful for her guidance and draw upon it daily when making food choices for myself and my family.” –Aimee G., Maine “Working with Kendall has made such a difference for me. I am a mother of three boys and 7 months ago I gave birth to my third boy. He was a healthy baby, but unfortunately in his first 7 weeks he was very cranky with colic. It wasn’t until I consulted Kendall that he started to turn around. She guided me through my own diet changes, which seemed to be affecting my child through breast milk. It was quite an eye opening experience. The foods my family and I were consuming not only were poor choices but full of ingredients that I wasn’t aware of. I was able to maintain a healthy diet for myself and my child and it worked! Within a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement in his colic! I am grateful for Kendall and her wonderful knowledge.” — Jen G., Hebron, Maine

“Working with you this past year was such fun and I gained an education on healthy food choices that I put to use everyday. Losing 12+ pounds in the process was just beyond my expectation. The fieldtrips to the health food store and grocery store was an enormous help as well. So many new foods, so many new recipes, so little time! Thank you Kendall for all your help and kindness.” –Linda M., Maine

“Kendall, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my very first health session. I knew from talking to you during the free consultation that this program would help me, but I didn’t realize how great my first real session would be! I felt very comfortable with you! You’re so good at keeping the conversation positive and upbeat. You did a great job listening to me and understanding what I was saying, and then you took that information and formed meaningful, succinct goals for me to work on until my next session. I am very happy with my first session and know I can reach my goals over the next several months! Thank you!” –Amanda B., Alaska

“I recently worked with Annette to make changes to my diet, looking to eat more healthily and in particular to lower cancer risk. She was great to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable but not dogmatic. We worked together to find changes to my diet that would have significant impact on health and work well with my life and family.  I also really enjoyed being able to speak regularly with someone who both showed understanding and concern for my goals. I would definitely recommend working with Annette to anyone.”


“Working with a health coach was something I really needed to do for myself, my health and wellbeing. Annette was always gentle, positive, and effective at keeping me on track with my goals. She educated me on not just healthy food choices, but healthy life choices.  The knowledge Annette shared with me and the ways she opened my mind to new avenues of healthy living have helped me make real and lasting changes. In the end, with Annette’s guidance and support, I accomplished the goals I set for myself and more.”


“I’ve spent the better part of my forty years of life wrestling with decisions about what and how to eat. Diet programs and support groups taught me how to count calories and set imposing limits on myself, but never how to manage why I eat. After a diagnosis of breast cancer and several unnerving consultations with my doctor’s nutritionists, however, it seemed more important than ever to take a different tact. Working with Annette has helped me recognize and resolve many of the issues behind my previously poor eating habits. She has also introduced me to a brand new world of foods, recipes and resources that completely support a healthier diet and lifestyle. Her holistic and integrative approach to nutrition extends beyond three meals a day to honor the whole person and every aspect of their life.”


“I found more than a health coach when I had my first session with Annette, I found a new good friend and someone that was invested in helping me change my nutritional health style. We went right to work during our first session, getting to the core of my health problems and discussing how an understanding of my diet would help me make better decisions. Each session took me deeper into making permanent changes in my diet. My biggest improvement was making lasting changes in my attitude, which will carry me to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Annette for your guidance!”


“Six months work with Annette changed my life. For the past five years I have been struggling with weight issues and illness. I worked for several years with an Acupuncturist and practitioner in alternative medicine to address the health issues and through supplements I regained my health but the weight issues still plagued me and I was unhappy taking a handful of supplements a day. For six months, Annette was my coach, mentor and cheerleader while we worked to change destructive habits into healthy choices that allowed me to leave those supplements behind. She opened my eyes to a more broad and introspective way of living and eating that allow me to get out of my head, so to speak and live in the moment as well as get the most nutritional bang from my food. Thanks to her, we eat and enjoy nutrition rich foods we never before considered and her experience in meditation and other tools and resources helped me come through one of the most difficult years of my life taking care of my dying mother. Now that I have the tools, I can step off the diet roller coast and watch the weight melt away!”


“My 9 year old son is under the care of an endocrinologist for short stature.  He does not lack growth hormone, so the doctor suggested that I try nutritional counseling to make sure that he was getting enough calories.  Annette identified that he indeed was getting enough calories, but that they weren’t nourishing calories.  She identified his peak hunger times, which were not at meals, and gave me solid suggestions for healthy balanced foods to fill him at these peak times when he was normally eating processed high carbohydrate “snack” type foods.   It was this type of big-picture thinking that I was hoping for from Annette, and she delivered!  I have adapted her approach for the rest of my family members and we are all eating better foods.”


“I have noticed that since starting the program my level of energy improved drastically. All the health issues that I was dealing with when I started the program are now in control. I have also noticed an overall change of attitude towards life. My attitude now is a more positive, optimistic and hopeful one and my level of stress (even in “high-stress” situations) is under control. I have also noticed that I have now a heightened sense of awareness towards my body and my emotions, my relationship to the universe. I am now aware of how I treat my body and I have more appreciation for it. I have more awareness of how things (food, situations, etc) have a direct effect in my body and health and I am able now to have more control over them. I can hear my body now clearly and now the things it likes and make it feel healthy. I feel that just by having that level of comfort with my body, feeling healthy and with lots of energy has allowed me to experience life in a completely different way.”


“I think you are a wonderful human being with a huge heart and at the same time with an incredible strength. I always felt really comfortable to open myself and I always felt I could trust you. I feel that gaining the trust is the most important thing and since you have such a pure heart and pureness of spirit, I was able to feel comfortable immediately. Your advice and commentaries were always very wise and to the point at the same time you had a great amount of patience and encouragement. I really loved going on this journey with you and I would totally recommend it for others.”


“My food choices definitely improved. I am very aware now of what kinds of food I put into my body, since is our precious fuel. I have become a “label reader” and my body has rejection towards food that doesn’t meet my health standards. Also, variety in my menu was a big issue during the sessions and now I feel that I am able to make that balance, not only within a meal but also having variety in the different meals of every day. I always loved to cook but now I enjoy it even more.”


“My digestion was a big issue and is on track now at the same time just my overall care for my body improved drastically.”