7 Day Juicing Challenge


Jump start your energy and weight loss and strengthen your immune system!

Juicing is the easiest, most natural way to cleanse and balance your body and get to a healthier weight without fasting. In fasting, calories are restricted and the result is often low energy. Instead, with our juicing challenge, juice once daily and then feast on an abundance of foods that will nourish your body.Juicing ebook image

**This Juicing Challenge incorporates clean, whole food meals, so you are juicing in the morning and eating lunch and dinner based on suggested bonus recipes.

We aren’t supposed to have headaches, stomach aches, aching bodies and runny noses. These are signs from our body that it is off-balance, inflamed and toxic. Changing your diet is a vital part of reducing and even completely ridding your body of “dis-ease.” The 7 Day Challenge offers simple, power-packed juicing instructions and recipes to help you strengthen your immune system, turbo-boost your energy, fight disease and aches and pains, jump start weight loss, and get that healthy glow.

“I read your book [Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen] shortly after the holidays, when I got back from a family cruise and looked at our pictures and realized I really needed a change of lifestyle for my health. Your book inspired me so much, I decided to try the 7-Day Juicing Program.  I borrowed a friend’s juicer and got to the grocery store. 

I began my program on a Monday and followed it strictly along with the meal recipes you had provided as well. I did not make different meals for my family that week, they ate what I had prepared from the recipes in the plan. Much to my surprise, they were all on board as well, including my 11 & 12 year olds!  In my first week of our change of life, I lost 4 pounds!! 

Since the week I began the juicing program, we have completely changed our way of eating. All of us feel healthier-more energized, actually working out regularly now…

Last weekend, driving in the car, my 11 yr old says, “You know Mom, since you have been on this diet thing, you have been in a good mood like ALL the time!”  Proof #1 this is a great thing!!!

Then today, I went to the Dr. to get the results of some recent blood tests…  My BAD cholesterol was down nearly 100 points since a year ago!!!!! Last year at this time my Dr. was ready to put me on meds for my cholesterol…today he says, ‘Keep doing whatever it is you are doing because it obviously is working!’  Proof #2 this is a great thing!!

Oh, and as of today-I am also down 10.5 pounds!!!! Proof #3

So, it all started with the book, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen & the 7 Day Juicing Program.  Our family is well on our way to healthier living!”

— Lori Parent, Maine

What is Juicing? Juicing is a process that removes the fibrous part of fruit and vegetables, leaving only the juice, which contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed to be at an optimal level of health. It cleanses the body of toxins, which is very important for our bodies, minds and spirit.

What will the 7-Day Juicing Challenge do for me? This process helps to cleanse toxic buildup in every single cell in your body, AND it restores with vital nutrients.

You will:

*Boost immune system. Because the fiber is removed, it also allows the digestion system to take a much needed break (think of all the food it has to break down every single day!). This digestive timeout allows the digestive system to rebuild strength and focus energy on restoring the immune system, making it easier for your body to fight disease – from a small cold to cancer.

*Boost metabolism and jumpstart weight loss

*Increase energy

*Bring overall balance to your body

*Reduce cravings for sugary or salty foods

*Even out your moods and actually feel happier

*Nourish hair, skin and nails.

What you will need. A Juicer is ideal, but a good blender and fine mesh colander/strainer can also work if the blender is powerful enough (but we recommend the juicer!). Making an investment in a juicer will help you take your health to a whole new level! Try Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com or kitchen supply stores. Household juicers range in price from $50 to $400, but you don’t need an expensive juicer to make your juice. We like the Omega 8006 masticating juicer. It’s worth the investment if you continue to make juicing a part of your lifestyle!

How do I take the challenge? To take the 7 Day Juicing Challenge, simply register below through Paypal. Then start the program at your convenience.

Once you register, you will be emailed a link to the 7 Day Juicing Challenge, which contains:

  • 7-day Juicing Plan with a new juice recipe for each morning
  • Getting Started Juicing Guide
  • Juicing Grocery Shopping List
  • A Juicing Journal to record how you feel during the week
  • BONUS #1: 10 plant-based Lunch and Dinner Recipes
  • BONUS #2: Detox Tips & Tools

As soon as you visit the Juicing Challenge page, you can begin your Juicing Challenge immediately (or wait until you are ready).

Are you ready to clean out those toxins and restore balance to your body so you can really lose weight, stop craving unhealthy foods, boost your mood and strengthen your immune system in just 7 days? Are you ready to take the 7 Day Juicing Challenge?

YES, SIGN ME UP! Only $39 ($69 value!)

For optimal results, use the 10 bonus lunch and dinner recipes along with the juicing plan. Results are not guaranteed and this plan is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. You may wish to consult with your physician before making dietary changes. For those who are pregnant, nursing or are immunocompromised, you may wish to consult with your physician first because juicing involves consuming raw fruit and vegetables.