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JD and Rebecca

Coauthor of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen on The Better Show with co-hosts Rebecca Budig and JD Roberto

The Better Show (nationally syndicated lifestyle TV program): Kendall makes Kale Chips with co-host Rebecca Budig

The Better Show: Kendall makes Oatmeal Carrot Cookie Smoothie with co-host Rebecca Budig

Bangor Daily News, 10/12/13

Cookbook Review on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer, 10/10/13

Main Line Today, Staff Pick (Philadelphia) 9/19/13

Fairfield Citizen 9/9/13

My Fox Memphis WHBQ Fox 13 – Cancer Kicking Cooking (video and food demos)

Professional Medical Corp, 6/12/ 2013

Integrative Oncology Experts, 5/24/13

Facing Cancer, Book Review, 5/7/13

Energy Times, “Plants Against Cancer” 5/2013

Celebrity Parents Magazine

Does Fat Cause Cancer? Health Bistro, 4/14/13

Kendall Scott (R), health coach and Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen author with Amie Hall (L), FTNS radio show host and square foot gardening health coach

March 2013 Food for Thought Expo in Fairfield, CT: Kendall Scott (R), health coach and Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen author with Amie Hall (L), FTNS radio show host and square foot gardening health coach

Alive Magazine, book review, Canada

New Cookbook Could Help Fight Cancer, Tucson Citizen Online, 4/8/13

Fairfield Citizen, Food for Thought Expo, 03/17/13

Fox 29 Philly News

CS Wellness, Anti-Cancer Spotlight: Kendall Scott, Co-Author of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, 02/21/13

Food & Nutrition Magazine, 02/11/13

Plant Power in the Kitchen, A Woman’s Health, 02/05/13

Whole Foods Magazine, 1/31/13

Interview with Angela Schaefer of Your Story Matters (podcast) 1/1/13

24 Cookbook Gifts for the 12 Kinds of Cooks in Your Life Slideshow – The Daily Meal

The 25 Best Cookbooks of 2012 – The Daily Meal (Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen is #3!)

Book Review and Eggless Broccoli-Tomato Frittata Recipe, Holy Cow 12/22/12

In the Kitchen – Cooking and Cancer, Stupid Cancer Radio, 12/5/12

Project Foodie, 11/13/12

WCSH6 207 Show – Cooking Segment (Banana-Pecan Pancakes) with Kendall Scott, 11/5/12

Cancer Fighting Recipes From Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, Dash

The Seattle Times, Recipes: Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash; Cabbage and Cannellini Bean Saute, 10/30/12

Parade Magazine, 10/18/12

Book offers cancer-fighting foods, The Montana Standard, 10/17/12

She Knows Miso Vegan, 10/11/12

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, 10/10/12

Natural Foodie: Survivors share cancer battle secrets in cookbook, Portland Press Herald, 10/10/12

Sunday Supper: Survivors’ book guides cooks to cancer-fighting foods,  Detroit Free Press 10/7/12

Sunday Supper Recipe, Detroit Free Press 10/7/12

Recipes That Heal, The Daily Meal, 10/5/12

Cloud 9 Holisitc Health Blog 10/2/12

CancerHawk book review 10/2/12 Book Review 10/1/12

NBC10 Interview 10/01/2012, 11 o’clock news

Kendall on FTNS Fitness Radio 9/10/12

Another Resource For Overcoming Cancer: Kicking Cancer In The Kitchen, Marnie Clark, Brast Cancer Blogger 8/4/12

Fox 11 News Los Angeles

Cancer-Kicking Cooking – Cancer Fox29 New, Philadelphia (video):

Immune Boosting Foods – Sun Journal, 7/24/11 (Includes sushi making video!)

Dempsey Center offers nutrition workshop – Sun Journal, 6/17/11

Natural Foodie: For more nutritious diet, go with whole grains – Portland Press Herald, 3/16/11

Natural Foodie: The good, the bad and the ugly from the food world – Portland Press Herald, 3/2/11

Channeling chocolate, healthy and in the raw – Sun Journal, 12/12/10 (Includes video on making chocolate!)

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Do you know where your meat and animal products come from? – 6/9/09

High fructose corn syrup and sulfuric acid in your daily diet –, 6/5/09

Don’t be fooled by food labels –, 6/4/09

Water your insides daily –, 5/28/09

Leafy greens aid in weight loss and help reduce risk of cancer –, 5/7/09