Energizing Breakfast To-Go: Green Smoothie and Sprouted Grain Toast


smoothie and toast sm

So many of us are running out the door in the morning – heading to work, bringing the kids to school – so breakfast sometimes just has to be quick and easy. As much as we know how important and helpful it is to our psychological and physical health to sit down, eat slowly and be mindful of the time we spend eating (rather than scarfing down your food, or skipping breakfast altogether), it just isn’t always easy or even possible.

Here is a very quick and simple breakfast that still packs a nutrient-rich punch: a green protein-rich smoothie and sprouted whole grain toasted with coconut oil. This can also be a great quick breakfast option for kids.

The bread we like is the Food for Life Ezekiel brand, which includes whole sprouted grains, no added sugar or bread smreally much of anything else. It is NOT gluten-free, however sprouted gluten-containing grains are often easier for many people to digest. This particular bread also has raisins and cinnamon. Add some coconut oil and you get some healthy fat as well (and it tastes so yummy on this bread!).

For your smoothie, you can make any combination that appeals to you, just be sure to add in some protein, greens and good fats (like coconut oil, chia seeds, avocado or nut butters) to help sustain you. You may also want to add a banana, berries or a little honey to help sweeten.  This smoothie has water, banana, baby kale, coconut oil, almond butter, and avocado. You can adjust each ingredient to your liking.

Then, just grab your smoothie and toast and you’re out the door!

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