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Today we have a guest post from our friends at Cook for Your Life. The Kicking Kitchen and CFYL share very similar goals in offering food and cooking support to those affected by cancer, and so we are so pleased to introduce you to this wonderful organization!

Good nutrition is always important, but during cancer treatment and recovery, it’s crucial. At Cook for Your LifeCook for Your LIFE we believe that good health starts in the kitchen. Our mission is to improve the health of people touched by cancer by giving them the practical knowledge, tools and inspiration to cook their way through treatment and into a healthy survivorship. Though the idea of cooking through treatment may seem a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be, and we’ve learned that making even the simplest meal or snack can be extremely empowering.

CFYL’s founder, Ann Ogden, is a two-time cancer survivor, ex-fashion designer, and avid cook. During her time in the chemo suite for breast cancer treatment, she learned that though she was able to make herself a comforting and healthy meal for her post-infusion bad days, most of her chemo buddies had no idea what they should eat, let alone how to make it. Ann knew first-hand that a cancer diagnosis can leave a sense of powerlessness, she thought that by teaching her fellow cancer patients how to cook she could instill in them, even if just a small amount, a sense of control. After this realization she couldn’t see herself going back to her fashion career; she was more interested in getting people to lay off skirt steaks rather than worrying about skirt lengths. Her travels around the world in her fashion career informed her understanding of taste. Because of this, she was able to adjust to her chemo palate — kimchi on the days she wanted to taste something, and a bland soothing risotto for the days she was nauseated. She started giving tips to her friends with cancer and then expanded to teaching 101 cooking classes at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, where she still teaches classes today 6 years later. Now, with the help of a small staff, Ann runs where cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors can find healthy, healing recipes, read about current cancer and nutrition news, and even watch cooking videos – all free of charge!

In little ways cooking can remind you of your strengths – it certainly did for Ann. There’s nothing more empowering than putting nutritious food into your body, especially at a time when you often don’t have control over what goes into or what’s going on inside of your body. Even just steaming a few vegetables can be extremely satisfying.  If you’re unsure where to start, or if cooking intimidates you, The Kicking Kitchen and our website , are great resources.  Our site is designed to help people take dietary recommendations from their doctor or registered dietician and turn them into real, healing meals. At, you can find recipes based on what type of treatment you’re in, dietary restrictions, or even how you’re feeling. Great resources like The Kicking Kitchen, and CFYL can help you fight cancer with your forks and Cook for Your LIFE!


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  1. Dorothy says:

    Oh, and by the way, I have your book and I’ve just finished reading your stories. Incredible journey you’ve both made toward healing yourselves. My intent is to coach people with cancer someday and your book is invaluable to that end. Thank you for sharing and may God bless.

  2. Dorothy says:

    All good news. Wish it was available to me (or that I had knowledge of it) when going through my own cancer. Now it’s my husband’s turn. But what about if he doesn’t choose treatment?. Can we do the same kind of cooking for prevention or cure?

    • We’re so sorry to hear about your husband taking his turn in Cancer World, and that you had to go through it as well. How we eat, whether the goal is prevention, healing from cancer (alongside conventional treatment or not) or otherwise, can actually all be pretty similar – at least as far as the basics go. Whole foods, more plant foods, get the artificial, processed and refined sugar foods out as much as possible. Cook for Your Life and our cookbook, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen, both offer information, support and recipes that are targeted more to those with cancer now or in the past, but so much of the information around nutrition and the recipes are health-promoting for everyone! If you would like support that is more personalized to your or your husband’s situation, we also offer one-on-one health coaching at The Kicking Kitchen:

      • Dorothy says:

        Thank you for the offer, ladies, but I am a health coach from IIN as well. Just that I’m older and haven’t gone into business. What with all the diets out there, it got very confusing for me. I do dabble in raw foods occasionally. Guess I’m looking for the right combination to help with cancer patients. Lost a sister-in-law last year to lung cancer, and another has come thru her chemo sessions for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Now my husband and God knows how many more are suffering. I really would like to knock the socks off this insidious disease – NOW!!

        • We love “meeting” other IINers! All the food info out there can definitely be overwhelming, and it seems especially daunting when dealing with cancer and trying to help others. Raw food is awesome – great to have in the diet, whether 100% or something less. We’re so glad you’ve enjoyed our book and found our website and hope they are helpful to you. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

          • Dorothy says:

            Thanks much. I will give you a shout if I’m in need.
            Best wishes to you gals as well.