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Christiane Northrup, MD

Christiane Northrup, MD


“A beautiful, delicious, and effective way to improve your health at any time—whether or not you have cancer or any disease. In fact, I recommend that all follow this sort of diet for optimal health!”

Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause (Read more praise from health and nutrition experts here.)



A Personal Note from Annette and Kendall… 

(L) Kendall Scott, Annette Ramke (R)

(L) Kendall Scott, Annette Ramke (R)


Dear Friend,

The idea for Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen came after we (Annette and Kendall) were diagnosed with cancer as young adults and knew we wanted to do all we could, alongside our doctors, to kick that ugly disease. We couldn’t sit around and do nothing! And we knew how we took care of bodies – especially with food! – would make a difference. After researching, training at nutrition school and making big changes in our diets (in baby steps – going from sweets and takeout pizza to kale and green smoothies takes a little time!), we felt healthier, happier and more empowered, all while in Cancer World. And we wanted nothing more than to share what we had learned with all other women facing crappy cancer. We knew just how much it would help.

We realized there was nothing available that offered everything we wanted all in one neat little package: simple nutrition information, easy  and delicious recipes, food support during and after treatment, and written in a way that was friendly, inspiring and easy to read (cancer is tough enough, we didn’t want our book to read like a science report!). We wanted to feel like we had our best friend standing right next to us, helping us find our way in the kitchen and through cancer.

And so Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen was born. We have put our hearts and souls into it, plenty of food and nutrition info, our very own recipes, a few laughs and plenty of love. Cancer sucks, but you are not alone in it. And you are not powerless. What you eat, how you live – it makes a difference – whether you have cancer or want to prevent it. And we are here to help you along the way.


Annette & Kendall


Summary of Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen:

Let’s face it, receiving a cancer diagnosis really sucks. We know; we’ve beenGirlfriend's Cookbook& Guide: Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen there.

You’re busy living life and BAM! It’s your worst nightmare – suddenly you’re “the girl with cancer.” Then after the initial shock, your fighting spirit begins to emerge and you’re determined not to let this disease label you and to give it everything you’ve got. Beyond what surgeons and oncologists prescribe, you want to do more. But what?

Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen is the answer to that question. It’s the cancer gal’s cookbook and guide written by two health coaches who, before we became nutrition nuts, learned to cook, cope and even celebrate our way through cancer. We’ve included over 100 cancer-kicking recipes to help you feed your body so you not only survive but thrive during treatment and beyond. We also share real-world knowledge and experience about the healing power of food, along with our stories of cancer B.S. and success. Whether you are facing “The Big C,” or doing all you can to prevent it, this cookbook is your bible and your friend. So curl up on the couch with us and get ready to get your groove back in life and in the kitchen!


Part 1: The Girlfriend’s Guide

1: It’s a Whole New Cancer World

2: Sharing the Journey

tahini spelt berries

3: The Healing Power of Real Food

4: Find Your Food Groove

5: Take It One Step at a Time

6: Chowing Down

7: Eating for Support

8: It’s Okay to Eat Chocolate and Cry

Part 2: The Recipes: Smoothies, Breakfast, Leafy Greens, Veggies from Land and Sea, Grains, Plant Proteins, Soups and Stocks, Snack Time, Sweetness, Refreshments

What Readers are Saying 

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“I found this book to be amazing! I initially thought that it would not apply to me, since I don’t currently have cancer, nor have I had it in the past. I never expected to find such a well-rounded book that hits all of the topics for eating and living healthy. I’ve never before come across a book that goes into such details about the foods that we eat and what it does to our bodies, both in good and bad ways. […]Cancer, or not, this book will help anyone who reads it.” — Megan

“I’m a cancer Survivor and cant tell you enough how much this book has helped me. I love how the shared their story with fighting the Big C and also sharing easy steps to stay healthy. All the recipes have been delicious and my husband likes them too!” –Katie

“Wonderful information and recipes that will make you smile. I enjoyed this book for many reasons. Have purchased it for three friends and will most likely purchase it for others. The information from personal experience offered is excellent. The recipes are wonderful. My first was the Oatmeal Carrot Cookie Smoothie… It was ever so delicious.. Congratulations to the authors on a great job.” –Mary Hesser

“This is more than just a cookbook– it is a guidebook to more intentional food choices. Though it is primarily targeted at an Smoothiesaudience facing cancer in some way, the advice, guidance and tips are good for anyone wanting to be more thoughtful with what they put in their bodies.

As a surgeon and therefore someone who is often on the other side, delivering cancer diagnoses I love finding resources that I can honestly recommend to patients. This book is just that. The authors deliver just the right balance of personal anecdotes and background information to keep the reader interested and invested in the story behind the recipes. I found this to be an enjoyable read and can’t wait to try more of the recipes!” — S.L. Mainer

“I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in June! […]  After surgery I spent a lot of time reading and researching and “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen” is the best book/resource I’ve read yet. […] The introductions and background information on these two amazing women I found very therapeutic. Oh! Someone(s) out there understands!!! Thank you for that! There are so many wonderful people in our lives (gratefully and thankfully) who would do anything to help us. It is my wish some of those people will read your book also. […]Kudos to you both for putting together such a fantastic narrative and resource for ‘us’ who are searching for real information; and those who are wanting to help us. Thank you for putting your energy here. Love and Light to you both and continued good health.” — Stacey

“[This] book is wonderful. I purchased it hoping to find a way to eat healthier and get the most nutrition out of my meals. The recipes have helped me to do just that. As a result, my energy has increased and I feel better overall.” –Anonymous

“Get this book! These women tell a very compelling story about a very scary and serious sickness and how to help to reduce the affects of treatment. They have given us a huge arsenal of great foods to alleviate this wicked sickness. All people sick or well would do well to follow their recipes for life.” –RFC

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